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Corporate Video Production

Cost-effective, high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) corporate video production solutions

With today’s cost-effective corporate video production techniques, your imagination is the only limitation to creating high quality corporate communications. Video is now a central component to nearly all business and marketing communications. Featuring video content on your website or via a YouTube brand channel can dramatically improve your site traffic, putting your company front and center in your customer’s mind. Token Creek Productions can help you produce high quality SD or HD corporate video for presentations, product demonstrations or rollouts, training, sales meetings, or public relations initiatives. We can design a seamless corporate video production solution for your project, with the right video and audio equipment, staffing, and assistance with distribution on DVDs, CDs, video tape or streaming media.

We can provide:

  • HD digital recording 16/9
  • SD digital recording 16/9 or 4/3
  • Recordings in most digital tape formats and digital file types
  • Image Magnification (I-mag) of your presentations to large screens
  • Live streaming of your event
  • Web hosting your recording for later viewing (coming soon)
  • Digital Audio recording
  • Post production editing
  • Professional and experienced crew
  • Broadcast Engineer

Give us a call or email with your project’s requirements.

Equipment List
  • Grass Valley LDX80 HD build up cameras (broadcast chain with studio configuration)
  • Sony BVP-950 SD build up cameras ( broadcast chain with studio configuration)
  • CCU’s in a full engineer’s rack with waveform/vector scope monitoring
  • Angenieux telephoto and wide angle lenses
  • Carbonite HD switcher
  • MultiView monitoring
  • Aja Ki Pro HDD recorders
  • Pioneer DVD recorders
  • TriCaster (Streaming)
  • Arri Light kits
  • Sennheiser Microphones